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Should I join a mission agency?

A mission agency:
– Can give you helpful advice on personal and ministry preparation.
– Can provide you with important services, such as:

Outgoing support when you go out for the first time
    • Helping you answer questions your friends, church, and supporters may have about your:
      • Future ministry.
      • Preparation.
      • Supervision.
      • Ongoing support.
    • Guiding you to fit into the right team.
    • Assisting you in starting a new team.
    • Giving advice on obtaining a visa.
    • Advising you on options for educating your children.
    • Giving guidance on how you may use your skills, training, and abilities.
    • Advising you on language learning opportunities.
    • Ensuring you have suitable medical and emergency insurance and a suitable pension plan.
Ongoing field support
    • Providing member care.
    • Giving regular debriefing, and critical incident debriefing.
    • Advising on security issues, risk assessment, and contingency planning.
    • Processing your finances and financial transfers.
    • Enabling effective and secure communications.
    • Providing in-service training opportunities.
Facilitating your home assignments
  • Helping you prepare your itinerary.
  • Providing you with equipment and materials.
  • Suggesting contacts and places to share about your ministry.
Supporting your final re-entry to your sending country
    • Providing re-entry debriefing to minimize reverse culture shock.
    • Arranging temporary accommodation.
    • Assisting you in re-adjusting to living ‘at home’ again.
    • Facilitating necessary legal and governmental requirements.

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