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Thank you for your partnership with us! As of February 15th, 2011, we have expanded our options for supporting the work of ReachAcross financially. Please note that the following only apply to ReachAcross donations for tax-deductible receipts within the United States of America. For other countries, please contact the respective ReachAcross office.

1) NEW! Donate directly on this website using your credit/debit card, or make a direct withdrawal from your bank account to ReachAcross. You can also set up a regular bank withdrawal from your account to ReachAcross. To proceed to this option, please click on the ‘Donate Now’ link below.

If you are interested in learning more please contact us on:


2) Although we prefer (1) above, you still have the option of having your bank send us a bank check made out to ReachAcross (using the same address as above). If you need banking details from our end, please contact us at the above address, or use the contact form on this website.

3) Send a check through the mail. Your check should be made out to “ReachAcross” (one word), and sent to:

PO Box 2047
Lexington, SC 29071-2047

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